We’re small at the moment. Teeny-tiny even. But we want to make a big change.

Currently, we’re focused on getting a few individuals and a few small businesses subscribed to our email list, so they can start getting their Bonus Novus on a Monday morning.

Our service is completely free, but we appreciate that free can sometimes be scarier to people than if we were asking for money.

Really, all we’re looking for at the moment is some feedback as to whether our emails really can make a positive impact on peoples’ days.

Moving forward, we’re hoping to fund our operation by giving larger companies the option of more frequent updates, or updates which are written specifically for their company, industry, sector or local area.

If you’d like some more details on how we use your personal information, then please read our Privacy Policy.

Here’s the top and bottom of it though. We ask for your email so we can send you good news, we ask for your name so we don’t seem rude, and we ask for your interest so we can seem, well, interesting.

We’ll absolutely never share your name and email with anyone else, and every single email we send has the option to unsubscribe at the bottom.

As above, at the minute we’re running a free service, this might mean that at some point in the future we’ll get in touch with you to ask for some feedback.