If you’re lucky enough to read a positive news story in the morning, you’ve got an 88% chance of having a good day.

A negative one – and it’s 27% more likely you’ll have a bad day.

When we first heard this statistic, we had the idea for BonusNovus.

We’ll send you a little bit of good news, specific to your industry or interests, every Monday morning to scare away the Monday blues.

Pretty much everyone we know already has a very powerful morning routine of checking through their emails when they first arrive at work.

We have a vision of positive news stories arriving in offices around the world on a Monday morning, promoting new ideas and positive conversation for the rest of the week.

Believe it or not, reading something positive can have a big impact on our mood – and being happy makes a lot of difference. Being happy makes you less likely to get ill, less likely to feel stressed, and boosts your memory.

Happy people are up to 31% more productive. Happy people are… happier.

Our service is totally free – all we want is to make the difference between people having good days and bad days.

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